Save Environment, Get Discount by

We at understand the push needed in saving our planet, and we know recycling can be a tedious experience.

So we have decided to reward & discount all our customers who help lower our carbon foot print.

The simplest and easiest way to earn upto 10% off your next order. (6th order)

How you may ask?

- Simply collect packing material sent by for 4 of your orders with us

- Then simply ask our [email protected] for a free return label at checkout on your 5th order

- You will receive a free return post label via email

- Put all previous packing wool, Ice pack & more, in your 5th delivered box and place the free shipping label from our email reply on to the box.

- Please hand over this labelled box to your local Hermes parcel shop.

- Once we have received your used packing material, we will send you a 10% discount code via email.

Please follow these steps carefully, contact us for further information.

Terms & conditions:

- We don’t expect you to ship back the cardboard boxes from your previous 4 shipments, just the internal wool & ice packs.

- If all your previous and current orders didn’t have wool or ice packs, we won’t send you a return label just a 5% discount code.

- If some of your previous and current orders have wool and ice packs but not all, we will send you a return label and just a 5% discount code.


Please Note: For 10% discount customers must have 5 or more shipment worth of wool and ice, if any items are missing you will risk getting a lower discount code.

We at engage all members of our community & customers to recycle and make this planet greener together.